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If you are seeking a partner to help navigate you through the process and you value expertise and experience then please consider Cedarport for your next window and/or door purchase. Since 1984 Cedarport has seen it all, has serviced it all and since we began using electronic data in 1997 we have successfully completed 12,586+ orders!
Cedarport has adopted a simple formula for success: Never compromise on the product, only hire proven and experienced installation crews, provide excellent after sale service and only deal with Manufacturers, Builders and Professionals who share this same formula. Our expertise is exclusive to windows and doors so why not trust THE BEST when it comes to choosing a local supplier for your largest capital item in terms of efficiency and appearance.

The reality is that the glass component of most projects are taking up a larger portion of the budget and is a major factor when dealing with efficiency and home comfort – it’s extremely important to get this right. We understand the anxiety associated with building or renovating and the pressure around making critical decisions that will have long term impacts. With Cedarport’s experienced staff and our multi manufacturer platform we ensure the best solution for each project. 
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Cedarport Window and Door Centre inc.
It really pays to do the research when building in close proximity to Georgian Bay and on the escarpment which is exposed to extreme weather conditions. Those who have made the mistake of sourcing windows on price alone, soon realize that price is only one aspect of the selection process.  
Cedarport has been installing projects in this area for more than 25 years and stands 100% behind our recommendations and projects. To put it simply; our business success has been built on providing high quality solutions in an effort to minimize failures. Service costs and failures are not just an inconvenience to the homeowner, they also make a company uncompetitive, inefficient and can damage a company’s reputation. We strive for excellence at all times to ensure a long term relationship with our clients.
The owners of Cedarport are:
Dave Patterson
Dave Patterson
Since 1984 Dave has mostly managed the Orangeville location and is an expert in all window and door applications with a focus on the Orangeville/ Caledon and surrounding markets - dave@cedarport.ca
Diane Scott
Diane Scott
Since 1997 Diane has evolved into a true expert with a great knowledge base around building code requirements, specialized custom orders and also manages the entire operation at Thornbury head office as General Manager with a focus on the Collingwood, Thornbury, Simcoe, Grey and surrounding markets - diane@cedarport.ca
Cedarport: Attention to detail, locally owned and operated by Professionals.
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